Mortar Plasticizer - Replaces 100% lime in cement mortars (press - hand).

A3 is produced in Crete from Greek raw materials and is sold in thousands of tons per year, in Greece and all over the world.

With many years of experience in production and with sales thousands of tones annually the ACROLITHOS S.A. is disposing A3 in market. A product that it’s  unique composition, by natural modified minerals, performs excellent workability and great adhesiveness to all masonry mortars for brick laying or wall plastering, replacing simultaneously 100% lime (hydrated or pasta) where that it is used.


At regions where temperatures that are increased even up to 50 C the A3 with its special characteristics, retains the moisture in the mix for longer time giving that way longer drying period during the application of the plasters. That means a great assistance of the labors performing better surfaces but …moreover; the not rapid surface drying avoiding that way the disastrous crack forming!

A3 is produced only by natural modified minerals, it’s not corroding the construction’s metallic frames and it isn’t harmful for users and environment.

Meanwhile it gives at the final application, better than acceptable standards, mechanical strength at bending and compression forces, as the Greek Governmental laboratory (SERECO S.A.) certifies.

In accordance with the laboratory tests performed - in the Hellenic Company of Refractory Ceramics (EKEPI)- it is obvious that the use of A3 considerably increases the compression and bending strength related to lime mortar (mixed with 200kg of cement).

A3 strictly observes the required specifications.


  • Replaces 100% lime in cement mortars (press - hand).
  • It does not attack metals and does not cause burns.
  • Eliminates limpets.
  • Increased strength, reduced cracking, reduced water absorption.
  • Great workability and welding.
  • Ease of transport, storage and use.
  • Significant economy and cleanliness.
acrolithos iso


  • Add water (3/4 of the required).
  • Add 2 - 2.5 kg A3.
  • Add 4 - 5 shovels of sand and stir for 2 minutes.
  • Add 25kg of cement.
  • Add remaining sand.
  • Add remaining water.
  • Stir for 3 minutes.


The A3 is packed in bags of 20 and 35 kilos in a pallet of 1,400 kilos. wrapped in stretch film. The transport is done by private trucks at the destination within Greece or with containers of 20 cubic meters = 17-18 tons) for shipments to foreign countries.